Release 0.1

Get to know git, github, node, filer.

  • fork the filerjs/filer
  • use git to clone a repo to local
  • git remote add to upstream
  • make and switch to a new branch
  • modify code
  • use npm to run the test
  • check the status of git
  • use git diff to check the difference
  • add the changed file to git
  • commit
  • push to origin
  • open a new pull request

Configure the laptop to run test. Re-install git with the option “Check out as is, commit as is “, then in cmd, type “git config –global core.autocrlf false“. Go to the filer directory, install npm. After all above steps, npm test can run.

Install visual studio code.

git push origin XXX -f : force to push XXX to origin



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