Release0.3-3 notepad-plus-plus

The reason I choose this project is C++.

Until now, the biggest challenge is compiling.  After cloning the project, the next step is running the project. Following the README, building the notepad++.exe first. Oops, the error is ‘TRACKER : error TRK0005: Failed to locate: “CL.exe”‘. Looking for the solution online. The possible solutions are 1. %PATH% environment variable. 2. VS should install the c++ desktop tools. 3. No cl.exe in the installation directory. 4.”Platform Toolset”, under project Properties > General settings, is set to the correct Visual Studio version. Under each solution, there is someone said that it worked. So I tried one by one. Only the last one was fit for this project. This error is because these are too many versions of VS installed on the computer. For some unknown reasons, the platform toolset is not using the right version.

The second error is  ” The Windows SDK version 8.1 was not found.”. This one is simple. As the error above, just using the project properties> General settings, change to the right Windows SDK version.

notepad++ compiled completely.

Now To build SciLexer.dll with boost: follow the instruction, first download the Boot source code v1.55, run BuildBoost.bat with -x64. run nmake. I stuck at the last step of running nmake. I check the issue of the project. There are altogether 4 issues about the nmake. Read them one by one. At last, I found that ClaudiaFrank gave the very detail solution of compiling the Scilexer.dll.

Just in case you wanna give it another try with VS2017, the steps I’ve done are

  1. Download/Clone npp repository to your harddisk
  2. Start VS 2017
  3. Open Project/Solution and open the file
    Confirm the question about GIT soure control
    -> now you should see that Notepad++ (Visual Studio 2015 – Windows XP) has been added to Solution Explorer
  4. add scintilla project by right clicking Solution->Add->Existing project
    and open file DOWNLOADED_REPO\notepad-plus-plus\scintilla\win32\SciLexer.vcxproj
  5. Save current solution
  6. update boost nuget packages
    Tools->Nuget Package Manager->Manage Nuget Packages for solution
    and confirm to update the two boost packages

    wait some time until you see the ========== Finished ========== message

  7. open file DOWNLOADED_REPO\notepad-plus-plus\scintilla\win32\SciLexer.vcxproj in Notepad++
    and delete the 4 lines referring to boost 1.58 -> save it
  8. confirm to reload solution in VS2017
  9. right click on SciLexer project -> Build ==>> done

I did all, but finally, when I compile the two projects, they all failed. There is one link error and one “no ‘object’ file generated “.


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