Release 4.0–about notepad++

this project was the one I wanted to do most. But I failed. It is too complex.

it cost me too much time to do it. I do not have enough time to do the third one.

first, to build the notepad++ is difficult. It cost me almost two days to complete this. reading the instructors, and the discussion of the problem. I  find that issue #1228 solved the problem. ( After following the instruction step by step, I could build the project at last.

the bug I wanted to fix is “‘default directory’ setting is ineffective #5064” (  the bug can be reproduced. in preferenceDlg.cpp I found these three classes may be useful.

  • DefaultNewDocDlg _defaultNewDocDlg;
    DefaultDirectoryDlg _defaultDirectoryDlg;
    RecentFilesHistoryDlg _recentFilesHistoryDlg;

then I go to save as page. I want to find if there is relation of the saving path and the classes. none

I searched the “new” file page. still cannot trace where the current fold comes from.

the default fold should be stored in somewhere, and each time when the “new file” runs, it should check whether the setting is default fold or the current fold and using the setting to open a new file. The “new file” should be the most important route to solve the problem.  Unfortunately, a wired thing happened: I can not reproduce the bug anymore. I had to give up this issue. and because this project is too big, I do not have enough time to do another one.

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